Pan Pastel Artists' Pastels

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Introducing our game-changing product: PanPastel Artists' Pastels! Elevate your creative journey with these revolutionary pastels that open doors to a world of vibrant and versatile colour. Whether you're a painter, drawer, or mixed media enthusiast, PanPastel is your ultimate artistic companion.


  • Unparalleled softness and blendability
  • Palette comprising 80 resplendent colours, accompanied by 6 metallic shades
  • Facilitates a fluid and painterly application
  • Exudes the hallmark of professional artist-grade quality
  • Meticulously crafted with minimal binding agents and fillers
  • Boasts the zenith of pigmentation for vivid, luminous tints
  • Demonstrates exceptional resistance to light-induced fading
  • Extensive erasability, rendering room for immaculate revisions
  • Distinguishing pan configuration for seamless usage
  • Forged through an innovative and refined manufacturing process
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