Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground

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Unleash your artistic vision with the revolutionary Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground! No longer confined to paper, this groundbreaking medium empowers you to bring your watercolour dreams to life on diverse surfaces.


  • Easy Application: Simply brush on the Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground for instant artistic potential.
  • Versatile Medium: Discover endless possibilities as you paint on paper, canvas, fabric, wood, plaster, shells, and hardboard.
  • Prepping Made Easy: Absorbent or semi-absorbent surfaces need no special prep; non-absorbent surfaces can be abraded with sandpaper or steel wool.
  • Pigment-Rich Consistency: Formulated with Titanium White pigment, one coat covers most surfaces; two coats for extra absorbent ones.
  • Brush Choices: Achieve a smooth or textured finish with soft-haired synthetic or hog bristle brushes.
  • Faster Curing: Let the ground cure for 24 hours to achieve optimal absorption.
  • Ideal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with watercolors and thinned acrylics, offering enhanced absorbency for vibrant results.
  • Masterful Technique: Use less water than usual to adapt to the increased absorbency.
  • Perfect Partner: Combine with Daniel Smith Masking Fluid for stunning effects.
  • Finishing: As with all watercolours, your work on Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground will need to be fixed if it will not be framed behind glass.

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Brand Daniel Smith
Medium Watercolour
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