Hahnemühle Agave Watercolour

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Hahnemühle Agave Watercolour is a natural white watercolour paper. It's characterised by its cold pressed and very homogenous surface texture and is suitable for all kinds of watercolour techniques, especially glazing.


  • Natural White: Radiates the purity of your colours.
  • Cold Pressed: Delivers a consistent surface for your creative strokes.
  • Ideal for Glazing: Perfect for achieving captivating watercolour effects.
  • Smooth Brush Glide: Effortless brushwork and seamless gradients.
  • Easy Corrections: Correct with ease; washouts are simple.
  • Acid-Free: Preserves your artwork for generations.
  • Age Resistant: Your masterpieces stand the test of time.
  • Vegan: Environmentally conscious and cruelty-free.
  • Sustainable Agave: Crafted from fast-growing, eco-friendly agave.
  • 4-Sided Blocks: Keeps your sheets secure and neat.
  • Easy Sheet Removal: Thanks to Hahnemühle's Bamboo folder.
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