Hahnemühle Round Watercolour Paper

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Paint vibrant flower wreaths, stunning landscapes, or even cosmic wonders on this unique canvas. Crafted from Expression watercolour paper, this 100% cotton round sheet is perfect for watercolours, gouache, and acrylics. Encased in an elegant box featuring artwork by French artist Jennifer Lefèvre, Hahnemühle Round Watercolour Paper contains 30 watercolour sheets, ensuring your creations are safeguarded from dirt and moisture.


  • Expression watercolour paper crafted from 100% cotton for superior watercolour, gouache, and acrylic painting.
  • Exceptional colour vibrancy enhances the uniqueness of each artwork.
  • Secure box protects sheets from dirt and moisture, ensuring pristine quality.
  • Versatile 300 g/m² weight and 13 cm diameter ideal for custom mobile creations.
  • Compatible with masking tape and fluid, leaving no residue after removal.
  • Quantity: 30 sheets.Vegan, acid-free and age-resistant.
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