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The Collection Watercolour Paper range by Hahnemühle redefines the benchmark for premium watercolour papers. Meticulously curated from a carefully selected range of cotton, these papers boast exceptionally robust fibres and unparalleled purity. Crafted with the utmost precision, they are composed of the finest raw materials and exclusively natural fillers, ensuring a level of quality that is truly unmatched.


These cotton watercolour papers, available in 300 and 640gsm, are renowned for their exceptional durability, making them the perfect canvas for even the most demanding watercolour techniques. Their fibres remain steadfast, resisting any lifting, rubbing off, or loosening, even when applying multiple layers of colour or when using masking fluids and tapes. With this paper, you can fully explore the brilliance of your chosen colours and effortlessly create stunning wet-on-wet paintings.

  • Premium Cotton: Made from the finest cotton, ensuring robust fibres and unmatched purity.
  • Natural Fillers: Exclusively uses natural filler materials for superior quality.
  • Durable Surface: Boasts an enduring paper surface, perfect for challenging watercolour techniques.
  • Colour Stability: Fibres remain steadfast, preventing lifting or loosening even with multiple layers and masking fluids.
  • Vibrant Artwork: Allows you to explore a spectrum of beautiful colours and create stunning wet-on-wet masterpieces.

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