Loxley Essex Tilting Artists' Studio Easel

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Discover limitless artistic possibilities with the Loxley Essex Tilting Artists' Studio Easel. Crafted from premium Elm wood, this easel is the epitome of versatility, accommodating all media types with ease. Elevate your artistry as the 'working' area effortlessly tilts to your desired angle, granting you complete control over your creative process.


  • Tiltable Design: Adjust the 'working' area angle for ultimate creative freedom.
  • Premium Elm Wood: Crafted from high-quality Elm wood for durability and elegance.
  • Platform Tray: Convenient tray to keep your art supplies within arm's reach.
  • Adjustable Height: Tailor the easel's height to your preference with variable horizontal support heights.
  • Compact Storage: Fold the easel virtually flat for effortless storage and space-saving convenience.
  • Maximum Canvas Height 1160mm: Accommodates larger canvas sizes, giving you room to explore.
  • Maximum Canvas Height: 1160mm, allowing for versatile canvas sizes.
  • Easel Height: Stands tall at 1710mm, providing comfortable working conditions.
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