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Learn to draw the cutest kawaii pictures in easy-to-follow steps!


Kawaii is a Japanese term that means adorable or cute. In drawing, it describes a simplified style with rounded shapes, representing characters, animals, food, or any object that has a cute, childlike look. In this fun and colourful book, young (and young-at-heart) artists can unlock the secrets of kawaii drawing, from getting the right proportions to creating personality with different facial expressions and adding depth with layers of colour.

Once you've learned the basic tips of how to draw kawaii style, there are 80 step-by-step sequences showing you exactly how to draw a wide range of cute pictures, starting with simple shapes and progressing to add details and colours. At each step, the part to be traced is indicated in blue. The part drawn in the previous step appears in black, while dotted lines mean you have to erase these parts for the final drawing. Each sequence is entirely visual, with no complicated instructions to read, so it really is easy to create your own kawaii drawings straight away. All you need is paper and some pens!

Split into 4 sweet sections, the tutorials cover food and drink, cats and kittens, unicorns and other adorable animals, and cute characters, with simple step-by-steps. This adorable value-packed book will provide hours of fun, creativity and, of course, cuteness!

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Author Mayumi Jezewski
Publisher David & Charles
Book Format BC Paperback
Publication Date 31 March 2023
Pages 112
Book Width 216
Book Height 280
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