Pro Arte Ron Ranson Hake Brush

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Introducing the Pro Arte Ron Ranson Hake Brush - a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation, meticulously curated in collaboration with the esteemed Ron Ranson. These brushes exemplify the revered Japanese hake style, enriched by Ranson's artistic prowess, resulting in an exquisite tool for unparalleled artistic expression.


  • Expert Collaboration: Crafted with Ron Ranson's artistic insight, these brushes exude a well-worn charm that adds character to every stroke.
  • Delicate Goat Hair: Meticulously made from delicate goat hair, these brushes offer a unique texture that effortlessly glides across your canvas, creating mesmerizing strokes.
  • Traditional Feel: Immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese hake experience, enhanced by Ranson's touch, for a journey through artistic history.
  • Careful Upkeep: Treat your brushes with care - avoid hot water for cleaning to preserve their form and prevent any unwanted shrinking.
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