Pro Arte Sablene Flat and Round Brush Wallet

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Crafted to perfection, these Pro Arte Sablene Brushes embody the essence of sable, all while championing synthetic innovation.


  • Embrace Evolution: Revolutionizing the artistry landscape, Pro Arte Sablene brushes redefine synthetic excellence. Designed to replicate the beloved sable, they flawlessly imitate its appearance, texture, and performance, offering a remarkable alternative to animal hair brushes.
  • Artistry Unleashed: Years of meticulous development by Pro Arte have yielded the pinnacle of synthetic achievement. Our 'Wave Synthetics' technology introduces inter-fibre spaces that expertly capture water, delivering unparalleled softness. Yet, these brushes retain their remarkable spring and precision, mirroring pure sable.
  • Watercolours Redefined: Specially tailored for watercolours and water-based mediums, the Pro Arte Sablene Round and Flat Brush Wallet is a versatile masterpiece. Create breathtaking gradients, delicate strokes, and captivating textures with ease, exploring new dimensions of your art.
  • Set includes 6 brushes:
  • Flat - Size 3/8"
  • Round - Sizes 8, 6, 4, 2, 0
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