Spectrum Noir Artliners Neutral - Pack of 6

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Elevate your creative journey with Spectrum Noir Artliners Neutral - Pack of 6. Unleash your artistic flair with these fine tip and brush tip markers, perfect for intricate drawings, precise outlining, elegant calligraphy, and vibrant colouring of fine details. Crafted with care and precision, this set promises a seamless and enjoyable artistic experience.


  • Fine Tip and Brush Tip: Versatile markers for detailed work and broad strokes.
  • Japanese Ink Excellence: Experience the superior quality of high-grade Japanese ink.
  • Silky Smooth Feel: Enjoy a smooth and effortless glide on your artistic canvas.
  • Uniform Coverage: Achieve consistent and flawless results every time.
  • Sharp Precision: Craft intricate designs with utmost accuracy.
  • Quanity: Pack of 6.
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