Wallace Seymour Artists' Oil Colour Paint

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Wallace Seymour Artists' Oil Colour Paints combine antique pigments and native earths with modern artist's quality pigments, all meticulously crafted in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.


These Artists' Oil Colours offer a kaleidoscope of hues, each with a distinct recipe to empower artists with a perfect starting point. Wallace Seymour meticulously prepare mediums, varnishes, and solvents from premium raw materials, ensuring exceptional quality in every stroke.

With a small-batch production, every tube of paint is a work of art in itself. Whether machine ground, hand-milled, or hand-ground, these pigments are embedded in pure English cold-pressed linseed oil, untouched by driers. This preserves the authentic beauty of each colour and its unique drying characteristics.

For optimal results, enrich your palette with Wallace Seymour's Fast Drying Oil Glaze Medium, enhancing balanced drying times without compromising the integrity of your masterpiece. Discover the harmony of tradition and innovation with Wallace Seymour Artists' Oil Colour Paints.

  • Unique recipes for each colour
  • Handmade for optimal resonance
  • Small batch production for uniqueness
  • English cold-pressed linseed oil base
  • Free-flowing, vibrant colours
  • Recommends 10-20% Fast Drying Oil Glaze Medium
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