Wallace Seymour Co-co Bello Environmentally Safe Oil Painting Diluent

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Discover the power of Wallace Seymour Co-co Bello diluent, designed for effortlessly thinning oil paint. Co-co Bello harnesses the natural potency of plant-based extracts, guaranteeing an eco-friendly solution that is entirely free from hazards and flammability. This innovative formula not only resembles the oil-thinning prowess of turpentine but also outshines it by being odourless and exceptionally safe. Moreover, it extends its care to your artistic tools – brushes and equipment can be immaculately cleansed using the gentle touch of co-co Bello.


  • Plant-based extract
  • 100% non-hazardous
  • Odourless formula
  • Non-flammable solution
  • Zero threat to the environment
  • Perfect for thinning oil paint
  • Cleans brushes and equipment safely
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