Winsor & Newton Artists' Matt Varnish for Oil

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Winsor and Newton Artists' Matt Varnish is a versatile and long-lasting solution to protect and enhance your artwork. This top-quality matt varnish is specially designed for oil paintings, ensuring your masterpieces stand the test of time.


  • Oil-Painting Brilliance: Enhance the vibrancy and depth of your oil paintings.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Offers over a century of removable safeguarding with White Spirit or Turpentine.
  • Quick-Drying Formula: Achieve a non-yellowing finish that dries rapidly, preserving your artwork's integrity.
  • No Bloom or Cracks: Say goodbye to unsightly imperfections - this varnish keeps your paintings flawless.
  • Wait at least four months before varnishing your oil paintings for best results.
  • Temporary Solution: For interim protection, opt for our Retouching Varnish.
  • Colour: Water White

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Brand Winsor & Newton
Medium Oil
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