Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Paint Tubes - 37ml

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Renowned for its unrivaled purity, quality, and reliability, the Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Paint Tubes - 37ml range has earned a global reputation among professional artists.


  • Pure Pigments: Crafted with the purest pigments available, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colours.
  • Tailored Formulation: Each colour is meticulously formulated to enhance natural pigment characteristics, offering superior coverage, tinting strength, and stability.
  • Expansive Colour Range: With 80 single pigment colours, the possibilities are endless, enabling brilliant secondary mixes and custom shades.
  • Unique Consistency: The buttery, stiff consistency of Artists’ Oil Colour allows for retaining brush and palette knife strokes, and it can be effortlessly thinned for fine glazing.
  • Versatile Finish: The paint's sheen reflects the pigments and oil levels, offering varying gloss levels that you can control through surface choice, solvent addition, and mediums.
  • Artist-Grade: Trusted by artists worldwide
  • Tube Size: 37ml

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Brand Winsor & Newton
Medium Oil
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