Winsor & Newton Soft Pastel Set of 15

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The Winsor & Newton Soft Pastel Set of 15 is a vibrant collection of artist-grade pigments.


  • Artist-Grade Pigments: Each pastel stick is crafted with precision using artist-grade pigments, ensuring outstanding brightness and remarkable lightfastness.
  • Silky Texture: Enjoy a silky texture that allows for seamless blending of colours on your paper, enabling you to create stunning, layered effects with ease.
  • Large Sticks: These generously sized pastel sticks are built to last, providing you with plenty of artistic inspiration for your projects.
  • Travel-Friendly: Keep your pastels safe and secure on the go with the durable metal travel tin, protecting them from breakages in your art bag, pocket, or case.
  • Vivid Colour Selection: Explore a wide spectrum of colours in this set, including White, Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange, Light Red, Deep Red, Violet, Deep Blue, Cyan, Turquoise Green, Emerald, Deep Green, Medium Brown, Ochre, and Black.
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