Acrylic Wet Palette - 30 x 21cm

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Maintain the perfect consistency of your acrylic paints and extend your creative sessions effortlessly with the Acrylic Wet Palette - 30 x 21cm.


  • Longer Paint Viability: Acrylic Wet Palette keeps your paints moist for extended periods.
  • Blotting and Glassine Papers: 3 blotting paper sheets and 12 glassine paper sheets included.
  • Refreshing Atomiser: 5ml atomiser ensures a consistently wet palette surface.
  • Sturdy Storage: The included plastic box with airtight lid safeguards your palette.
  • Generous Size: 30 x 21cm dimensions offer ample space for your artistic expressions.
  • Free Art Guide: Unlock your skills with a complimentary grey scale, value finder, and more.
  • Proportion Precision: Enjoy precise proportions with the included proportion tool.
  • Colour Mastery: Printed colour info and conversion tables for confident colour choices.
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