Daniel Smith Watercolour Primatek Set

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Experience the captivating world of texture and creativity with the Daniel Smith Watercolour PrimaTek Set. If your artistic journey thrives on texture, you're in for a treat! This exquisite set is a celebration of artistic possibilities, bringing vibrant excitement to your canvas.


  • Exciting Mixability: PrimaTek Watercolours seamlessly blend with your palette, igniting your artwork with newfound energy.
  • Captivating Texture: Heavier in body, these paints nestle gracefully into paper crevices, casting enchanting granulation and texture.
  • Pigment Prowess: Expertly curated pigments promise a spectrum of hues and textures that remain unmatched.
  • Limitless Combinations: Mix and meld with other colours to unlock infinite artistic possibilities.
  • Primatek Watercolours: Rhodonite Genuine, Jadeite Genuine, Amethyst Genuine, Mayan Blue Genuine, Hematite Genuine, Piemontite Genuine – all in convenient 5ml sizes.
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