Hahnemühle Acrylic Paint Board - 450gsm

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The high surface weight of the Hahnemühle Acrylic Paint Board - 450gsm makes it very robust enabling you to experiment with a variety of different painting applications.


  • Robust & Sturdy: The 450gsm surface weight ensures durability, allowing you to experiment with multi-layered, viscous, or thinly layered, transparent colour applications.
  • Fine Texture: Delight in the finely textured surface that enhances vivid colour rendition and promotes attractive colour application.
  • Vibrant Colours: The bright white of the board makes your colours pop and glow, adding life and brilliance to your artwork.
  • Acid-Free: Rest easy knowing your artwork will stand the test of time, as this board is acid-free, preserving your creations for years to come.
  • Age Resistant: Designed to resist the effects of aging, your artwork on this board will retain its original beauty, ensuring your legacy lives on.
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