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Crafted with a fine grain, the Hahnemühle Hemp Sketch paper ensures outstanding colour abrasion, making your sketches come alive with vivid hues.


Harnessing the power of hemp fibre, the 80 gsm Hemp Sketch paper offers exceptional paper resistance, providing you with a sturdy canvas for your artistic expression. Whether you're into graphite, red chalk, coloured pencils, or charcoal, this paper caters to all dry techniques and boasts impeccable erasability.

  • Natural White Paper: Achieve stunning sketches on this natural white paper that enhances your creative work.
  • Fine Grain Texture: The fine grain texture ensures precise detailing and excellent colour abrasion.
  • Exceptional Paper Resistance: Crafted from hemp fibre, our 80 gsm Hemp Sketch paper offers outstanding paper resistance for lasting artworks.
  • Versatile Dry Techniques: Ideal for graphite, red chalk, coloured pencil, and charcoal, this paper adapts to all your dry techniques.
  • Remarkable Erasability: Correcting your artwork is a breeze with the exceptional erasability of Hemp Sketch paper.
  • Sustainable Choice: Choose Hemp Sketch for sustainability. It's crafted from fast-growing hemp fibre, conserving slow-growing resources.
  • Generous Sheets: Each Hemp Sketch pad contains 80 sheets, providing ample space for your artistic expressions.
  • Top Glued Pads: Convenience at its best – our Hemp Sketch pads are top glued for easy sketching and tearing.
  • Acid-Free and Age-Resistant: Preserve your creations for years to come; Hemp Sketch is acid-free and age-resistant.
  • Vegan Friendly
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