Hahnemühle Sugar Cane Watercolour

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The Hahnemühle Sugar Cane Watercolour Paper is the newest edition in the Hahnemühle Natural Line. Crafted from 70% rapid-growth sugar cane fibres, known as bagasse, this 290 gsm paper effortlessly blends the robustness of sugar cane with the softness of cotton. The harmonious 70/30 ratio of sugar cane to cotton ensures a natural white, warm-toned canvas for your creative expression.


  • Eco-friendly: 70% sugar cane fibres and 30% cotton.
  • Velvety Feel: Cold-pressed surface structure for a luxurious touch.
  • Versatile: Perfect for watercolour, gouache, and wet-on-wet techniques.
  • Colour Brilliance: Enhances colours with a brilliant and velvety finish.
  • Tear Resistance: High stability even with large water and colour loads.
  • Easy Dissolving: Effortless dissolution and glazing for artistic control.
  • Masterful Effects: Ideal for gradients, salt or water drops, and fine lines.
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