How to Paint Landscapes in Watercolour

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Enjoy our brand-new 100-page special, How to Paint Landscapes in Watercolour, where you will find everything you’ll need to know to paint this popular subject successfully. If you are a beginner in either painting or watercolour, there is essential information on materials, colours and techniques, practical instruction and step-by-step direction to start you on your journey, and for those with more experience, you will find plenty of inspiration and advice to help you continue developing your skills and creativity as an artist.


A wide variety of experienced watercolour painters and specialised art tutors have contributed to these pages, to give you as broad a perspective on painting landscapes in watercolour as possible. So, if you are looking for guidance on certain aspects, such as composition and focal points, painting skies or trees, or simply ready to take out your watercolours and paint, we are here to inpsire.

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