Pro Arte Artists' Hog Brush Set

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Ignite your creativity with the Pro Arte Artists' Hog Brush Set


  • Premium Hog Bristles: Experience the luxury of working with brushes made from top-grade Chinese bristle, ensuring impeccable strokes every time.
  • Seamless Brass Ferrules: The brushes come with seamless nickelled brass ferrules, offering durability and precision for your strokes.
  • Ergonomic Ivory Handles: Long ivory polished handles provide comfort and control, allowing you to paint with ease for hours.
  • Versatile Selection: The set includes 5 brushes tailored for various techniques:
  • No. 1 Round: Perfect for intricate detailing and controlled lines.
  • No. 1 Short Flat: Ideal for broader strokes and expressive marks.
  • No. 3 Short Flat: Versatile brush for both precise work and broader applications.
  • No. 5 Short Flat: A go-to brush for covering larger areas with ease.
  • No. 7 Short Flat: Amplify your creativity with bold, sweeping strokes.
  • Ideal for: Oil Painting, Heavy Body Acrylic Paint
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