Rosa Gallery Watercolour Full Pans - Individual

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Rosa Gallery Watercolour Full Pans are a vibrant collection of artist quality watercolours meticulously crafted for professional artists. Developed with organic gum arabic and premium natural pigments, these paints offer an unparalleled painting experience.


  • Pure Shades: Half of the range features single-pigment colours, allowing for the creation of pure and vivid shades when mixed.
  • Adhesive Excellence: Organic gum arabic ensures perfect adhesion and an even flow of colours on your canvas.
  • Perfect Pigment: Organic and inorganic pigments are carefully selected, meeting the high expectations of professional artists.
  • Transparency and Purity: High-quality finely ground pigments guarantee transparency and purity, bringing your artwork to life.
  • Versatile Colour Range: High pigment concentration provides a spectrum ranging from airy transparent to full opaque, giving artists unprecedented creative freedom.
  • Lasting Brilliance: Each colour boasts high lightfastness, achieved through meticulous pigment selection and testing for intensity and performance.
  • Traditional Technique: Embrace the ease of dilution and brushing properties facilitated by the traditional natural drying technique of these watercolours.
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