Wallace Seymour Artists Acrylic Paint - 60ml Tubes

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Revolutionize your artistic journey with Wallace Seymour Artists Acrylic Paint. Developed by the visionary artist Pip Seymour in the heart of Yorkshire, this exceptional acrylic paint brings your artistic visions to life with every stroke.


  • Vivid Pigmentation: Immerse your artwork in a kaleidoscope of rich, genuine pigments for unparalleled vibrancy.
  • Fluid Flexibility: Crafted with a supple acrylic polymer, this paint ages gracefully while maintaining its original strength of colour.
  • Viscous Brilliance: A luscious paste of high pigmentation ensures an opulent touch to your creations, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Endless Adaptability: Dilute effortlessly with water or acrylic mediums, offering you complete control over consistency and texture.
  • Timeless Finish: Drying into a durable and flexible film, your masterpiece will stand the test of time, encapsulating your creativity for generations.
  • Versatile Application: Embrace various techniques and tools, from brushes and spatulas to painting knives, to effortlessly transfer your imagination onto any clean canvas.
  • Effortless Clean-Up: With the simplicity of water, tidy up your workspace, letting you focus on the art, not the aftermath.
  • Volume: 60ml tubes
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