Wallace Seymour Liquid Graphite

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Discover Wallace Seymour Liquid Graphite: a water-resoluble graphite with a matte velvet finish. It effortlessly enhances art papers, allowing easy dilution for subtle washes. When dry, it replicates the allure of graphite powder, forming a bond with surfaces without any gloss.


  • Versatile Elegance: Achieve a stunning matte, velvet finish on various art papers.
  • Effortless Dilution: Effortlessly dilute with water, allowing you to craft delicate washes.
  • Distinctive Sheen: Upon drying, Liquid Graphite mirrors the allure of graphite powder, granting your work a unique, sophisticated allure.
  • Boundless Possibilities: Use it just like watercolour or ink, and watch your imagination come to life.
  • Sublime Colour Palette: Available in four captivating shades – graphite, marron dore, shimmer glimmer, and magic lapis.
  • Size Variety: Choose from convenient 125ml and 50ml pots/bottles, tailored to your creative needs.
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