Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Varnish Remover

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Winsor & Newton acrylic varnishes are readily removable with Galeria Varnish Remover, allowing pictures to be cleaned and re-varnished in the future without fear of damage.


  • Easily Renew Artwork: Don't worry about permanent varnishes. Our Varnish Remover lets you refresh and revitalize your cherished artworks anytime.
  • Art-Friendly: Specifically designed for Winsor & Newton acrylic varnishes, it ensures your art remains safe and protected during the cleaning process.
  • User-Friendly: Cleaning your artwork is now a breeze. Simply apply our Varnish Remover and watch your varnish dissolve, leaving your masterpiece untouched.
  • Future-Proof: Remove varnish without fear of damaging your artwork. You can re-varnish and preserve your art's beauty for years to come.
  • Size: 75ml bottle
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