Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour 5ml Tubes - Winsor Blue (Red Shade)

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Regarded by many as the world's finest watercolours, Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes offer a balanced range of 96 colours formulated to the highest standard.

These colours are designed for artists seeking longevity in their creations. An impressive 93 out of 96 colours in this range earn the distinction of being "permanent for artists' use," boasting AA or A ratings for permanence. This ensures your artwork remains as captivating for generations to come.


  • 96 Exquisite Colours: Explore a spectrum of 96 meticulously crafted colours that span the artistic spectrum, from classic to contemporary.
  • Purest Pigments for Brilliance: Achieve unparalleled brilliance with the use of only the purest pigments, ensuring your artwork radiates with vibrancy.
  • 75 Single Pigment Options: With an extensive palette of 75 single pigment colours, unlock the power of precise colour mixing for your artistic creations.
  • Exceptional Colour Mixing: Experience seamless blending and clean mixing, allowing your creative vision to flow effortlessly onto the canvas.
  • Mesmerising Transparency: Enjoy the magical transparency that lets the paper's reflective white shine through, creating stunning layered effects.
  • Varied Pigment Transparency: Embrace the natural diversity of pigments, some more transparent than others, adding depth and character to your work.
  • 5ml Tube: Conveniently sized for your creative adventures, ensuring you always have the right hue at your fingertips.
  • Artist Grade: Trusted by artists worldwide, these watercolours are the embodiment of quality and professionalism.
  • High Permanence (AA/A): 93 out of 96 colours boast AA or A permanence ratings, ensuring your artwork stands the test of time.
  • Balanced Pigment Dispersion: The manufacturing process guarantees balanced pigment dispersion, ensuring consistent, high-quality results every time you paint.

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Brand Winsor & Newton
Medium Watercolour
Colour Winsor Blue (Red Shade)
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